Welcome to Nästegården

Nastegarden nestles in the heart of Vastragotland near the shores of the renowned Hornborga Lake, in a landscape full of natural beauty and rich in human history and culture.
At Nastegarden we run a Bed and Breakfast, ’Green Rehabilitation’ and our own smallholding. We also promote and advise on renewable energy solutions, solar energy and bio fuel heating.

Unique accomodation

Nastegarden Bed and Breakfast is a unique holiday experience. Although to modern standard, the beds, furniture and interior decoration are from a time food was cooked on the wood fired range and books were read by the light of a candle.

Carefully renovated

Ten years ago, when we first came to Nastegarden, it was a hidden gem. In fact, quite a run down gem desperately in need of renovation. Large renovations run the risk of robbing a house of it’s character and charm. This is how we did it.

Sustainability is Essential

Guests arriving in electric vehicles can use the recharging point, supplied from our own solar panel system. Recyclable, renewable and organic are key considerations in our business. All is governed by our ethic based on sustainability.

The Garden

The garden has remained mainly untouched while our energy has been spent on the renovation of the buildings.It’s now time to create the kitchen garden and build a green house. Soon the borders will be filled with flowers and the kitchen garden [...]

Green Rehab

Sustainability is also essential to we humans. Sometimes we need to step away from the pressures of modern life, the constant need to fulfil expectations, either from society or ourselves.

About us at Nästegården

We are an almost ordinary family who exchanged the city for a life in the country. We are very happy here and the family has expanded, if you include various four legged members.